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Lincat Panther P6B2 Hot Cupboard

A great solution for holding and transporting food at the perfect temperature, the Panther 670 Series Hot Cupboard / Bain Marie is designed to fit through narrow doorways, so is ideal for pubs and smaller restaurants as well as nursing and care homes where plated meals are to be transported from the kitchen to the residents.


  • Ideal to fit through narrow corridors and doorways
  • Bain-marie top, ideal for small restaurants, cafes and pubs, as well as nursing and care homes, where the easy transportation of plated meals to diners and residents is a necessity
  • Fan assisted hot cupboard provides even heat distribution, fast heat up and recovery times, and lower energy usage. Four shelf positions allow adjustment to meet individual needs.
  • Fully 1/1 GN compatible hot cupboard for operational efficiency. Units are available to take 2 x 1/1 GN containers up to 150mm deep.
  • Thermostatically controlled bain-marie top can be operated with wet or dry heat. Accurate digital electronic control of the hot cupboard temperature, adjustable between 20 and 99 °C, ensures compliance with food hygiene regulations
  • Double skinned construction provides efficient heat retention and a cool to touch exterior – safe and energy efficient. Removable doors and shelves allow access to the fully stainless steel interior for easy cleaning
  • Supplied with two heavy-duty multi-section chrome plated rod shelves capable of taking the heaviest loads
  • Drain tap located inside the hot cupboard allows fast and easy draining

Other makes and models are available on request.


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