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Sammic Dishwasher P-100

Commercial pass-through dishwasher with a max. loading height of up to 400 mm and 3 wash cycles with thermal cycle delay option included.

  • User-friendly.
  • Optimal washing results.
  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Stainless steel, sturdy and resistant washing arms. Doesn’t get damaged because of chemical corrosion.
  • Thermal lock guarantees a correct sanitization.
  • Tank capacity above average: it takes more time to saturate the water of debris.
  • 3 washing cycles.


Designed for comfortable operation thanks to front or side loading

In pass-through dishwashers, Sammic offers 3 product lines and 5 models.

Sammic SUPRA
Electronic range with cycle selection, wash and rinse temperature display and double skinned hood. Two models available depending on loading and a wide range of options.

All the SUPRA Hood Type Dishwashers have a double wall construction with the resulting thermal and acoustic insulation, which translates into limited consumption and a quieter working environment.  The “soft” control panel, where you can select cycles and visualise temperatures, is available in all models. Sammic SUPRA also offers an extensive catalogue of extras such as drain pumps, incorporated water softener, pressure pumps, steam condenser or the constant temperature rinsing system.

Sammic X-TRA
Electronic range with cycle selection and wash and rinse temperature display. Two models available depending on loading and a wide range of options. X-TRA Hood Type Dishwashers have a “soft” control panel with cycle selection and temperature display. Optional features include drain pumps, incorporated water softener, pressure pump or steam condenser.

Sammic PRO
The starting point consists of an electronic model with 6 kW boiler and cycle selection. Hood type dishwasher with an electronic panel and 3 wash cycles which make it possible to achieve professional results with low consumption.

Other models available on request.


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